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These maps and the accompanying text are part of the final projects of Anna Novak, Toria Isquith, Kisha Kalra, and Kelsie Hoppes for GSFS 329: The Politics of Reproduction.  

Abortion Providers in Vermont

Looking for an abortion provider near you? This map can help!


Click the green icon to view clinic information, including phone number, address and types of services provided. All of these providers have been contacted to ensure that they provide the services listed, and are up to date as of October 2017. In addition to the providers on this map, there are non-physicians in Vermont who can perform the procedure.

Note: Our clinic information includes whether providers offer medical abortions, surgical abortions, or both. Generally, medical abortions are performed prior to the tenth week of pregnancy, while surgical abortions are performed after the tenth week. For more information on both options, visit the UCSF Medical Center's website.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Vermont

This map illustrates the relative numbers and locations of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and abortion providers in Vermont. The map is focused on Burlington, Vermont, where CPCS and women's health clinics are located within a few blocks of each other. CPCs tend to situate themselves near legitimate abortion providers to intentionally mislead pregnant women—a woman looking for a Planned Parenthood can easily enter a nearby CPC by mistake, as the centers often have ambiguous advertisements and names. As the map demonstrates, there are numerous CPCs in the state, while abortion providers are more scarce. This map demonstrates the threat CPCs pose to abortion access; even in the progressive microcosm of Vermont, pseudo- clinics founded on false information and religious biases are operating in abundance.

Reproductive Health VT (November 2017)

   This pair of maps and the accompanying text are part of the final project of Anna Novak and Toria Isquith for GSFS 329: The Politics of Reproduction. These maps were our response to an assignment to translate an argument from a feminist academic text into a more accessible format.

A Google Maps search for "abortion clinic" from Middlebury, Vermont returned the local crisis pregnancy center, and none of the actual licensed health providers in Vermont. We geocoded the addresses of each CPC and each licensed clinic and put them on a map. We called each provider to verify the services offered. The hope is that these maps will help to clarify the landscape of reproductive health resources in Vermont.

The maps are featured on a Vermont women's health resources website created for the same course by Kisha Kalra, Lauren Schweppe, and Kelsie Hoppes, and the projects were jointly awarded the Fraker Prize by Middlebury College's Gender and Feminist Studies Department for the 2017-2018 academic year.

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